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When I'm working on my seascapes and maritime paintings, I always work on an abstract painting at the same time. I often need to release more creativity than I can fit into a detailed seascape or a customed ordered boat portrait, so when I get a sudden urge to combine colors or shapes that I can't place in my painting, I release those emotions onto these abstract paintings.

"Roads Within" 7"x10", matt 16x20" $75

"Spring Vortex" 9x12", matt 16x20" $125

Untitled 1. 9x11"

Untitled 2. 9x11"

untitled 3. 9x11"

"Map of Light" 9x12", matt 16x20" $85

"Blue Journey" 9x12", 16x20" matt, $85

"Circle of Extermination" 7x10", 16x20" mat, $65

"Degrees of Separation" 7x10", 16x20" mat, $75

"Dancing Dustmites" 9x12", 16x20 mat, $95

"Coffee ot Tea" 12"x16" $195

"Tuesday Questions" 12"x16" $195

"Houseguest" 12"x16" $195

"She's Gone" 18"x24" $400

Untitled 14"x20" $295

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